PETRONAS Earns Excellence Award in Digital Transformation Category at the Malaysia Business Technology Awards 2023

PETRONAS has achieved yet another remarkable feat by securing the Excellence Award in the Digital Transformation category at the Business Technology Awards 2023 during Business IT Architecture (BITAS) Conference. PETRONAS’s outstanding project, titled “Implementation of Enterprise Architecture within PETRONAS Upstream Business,” has been recognised as a groundbreaking initiative in driving digital transformation within the organisation.

The Business Technology Awards celebrates organisations that demonstrate exceptional innovation and excellence in leveraging technology to accelerate business growth and transformation. PETRONAS’s winning project highlights the successful integration of enterprise architecture principles within its upstream business operations, revolutionising the way the company operates and propelling it toward the forefront of the digital era.

Paul Preiss, Founder of IASA Global, Honoring the Well-Deserved Victory of the Winner

By adopting a strategic and holistic approach, PETRONAS has effectively implemented enterprise architecture to optimize its upstream business functions. This comprehensive framework has allowed the company to streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and enhance decision-making capabilities, resulting in significant advancements across its entire value chain.

PETRONAS’s digital transformation journey has been characterised by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, harnessing data-driven insights, and fostering a culture of innovation within the organisation. The successful implementation of enterprise architecture has enabled PETRONAS to break down silos, enhance collaboration, and facilitate seamless information exchange, leading to improved productivity and performance across various operational domains.

Arief Budiman Hermani, Senior Manager, Digital and Technology Program, Nurhana Mohd Basri, Manager, Enterprise Architecture, from PETRONAS Upstream Captivating the Audience with a Compelling Presentation of the Outstanding Project

Receiving the Excellence Award in the Digital Transformation category reaffirms PETRONAS’s commitment to harnessing technology and innovation to stay ahead in the ever-evolving energy industry. This recognition also highlights the organisation’s relentless pursuit of operational excellence and its dedication to delivering superior value to its stakeholders.