Our plan is simple; create an international community of practicing architects and allow that body to drive standards according to their current needs. The IT architecture profession is continuously evolving, and architects everywhere are eager to learn about the latest technology and best practices.  Iasa helps make this possible for thousands of practicing architects around the globe.

Individual Membership Levels

Basic Membership (Free) level allows people new to the organization to explore a limited selection of benefits and learn more about Iasa, the largest global, professional, non-profit association for Enterprise and Technology architects.  » Sign up for Basic Membership

— Newsletter Access (Free) = This option is only for receiving newsletters from Iasa. No content access provided. 

Full Membership ($125/year) provides the most benefits and value to our individual members including certification eligibility. » Sign up for Full Membership

— Student Membership ($62.50/year) =  Full Member access at a discounted student rate. Documentation proof of your student status is required.  

— Contributing Membership ($62.50/year) =  Full Member access at a discounted ‘contributor’ rate. To qualify as a contributing member, you have regularly contributed to Iasa over the past year by article submission, presentations given, other global and or local volunteer services.  » Sign up for Contributing Membership

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