KPKT Receives Excellence Award in Digital Customer Experience Category from the 2023 Malaysia Business Technology Architecture Awards

Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT) Malaysia’s Ministry of Housing and Local Government, has been honored with the Excellence Award in the Digital Customer Experience category at the 2023 Malaysia Business Technology Architecture Awards during Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference 2023 held in Cyberjaya. The recognition comes as a result of KPKT’s remarkable efforts in enhancing customer experience through the implementation of enterprise architecture.

The Business Technology Architecture Awards celebrate organisations that demonstrate exceptional innovation and excellence in leveraging technology to drive business transformation. KPKT’s outstanding achievement lies in its commitment to improving the digital customer experience by leveraging enterprise architecture principles.

Commending Excellence: Paul Preiss, Founder of IASA Global, with the Winner of Excellence Award in the Digital Customer Experience Category

By harnessing the power of technology, KPKT has successfully revamped its customer service ecosystem, providing citizens with seamless and efficient digital interactions. Through thoughtful planning and integration of systems, KPKT has revolutionised its customer touchpoints, making it easier and more convenient for citizens to access housing and local government services.

The adoption of enterprise architecture has played a pivotal role in KPKT’s transformation journey. By aligning business goals with technology investments, KPKT has been able to streamline processes, automate workflows, and deliver personalized services to citizens. This holistic approach has not only improved operational efficiency but has also fostered trust and satisfaction among customers.

Jessica Kho, Head of ICT Policy and Strategic Unit, KPKT Showcasing the Remarkable Project with Pride

The recognition of KPKT’s efforts in enhancing the digital customer experience serves as an inspiration to other government agencies and organizations seeking to improve their service delivery. KPKT’s successful integration of enterprise architecture not only sets a benchmark but also highlights the immense potential for leveraging technology to enhance citizen-centric services.